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Why BMU ?

Learning by Doing! You cannot learn the practical use of business, management and engineering courses just sitting in a classroom. BMU’s unique curriculum ensures hands-on learning – students are taught theory and given opportunities to apply learnings in the real world.

Whether students study MBA, B.Tech, BBA or B.Com courses, they are equipped with practical & soft skills, strategic mind-set and innovative vision, BMU-ites are positioned for success.


About BMU

Founded by the HERO-group and mentored by Imperial College London, BMU takes a long-term view of education and prepares students for long and fulfilling careers.

Imperial College London is closely involved in a wide spectrum of activities at BMU, including curriculum design for management and engineering courses, student exchange programmes, faculty training, joint research activities, etc.

The student-learning experience at BML Munjal University is further enhanced by collaborating with renowned universities and corporates such as Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland (USA), Axis Bank, Intel, IBM, KPMG, Siemens and Shell.

Students pursuing engineering courses get a chance to work on real-life projects in laboratories set up by Siemens, Shell, IBM and Intel. Those studying B.Com courses (in association with KPMG) and MBA reap benefits from multi-disciplinary programmes, Exchange School and Practice Schools.


Industry Collaborations