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Academic Structure

BML Munjal University has a common academic structure for all its undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as BBA Course, BTech Course, BCom (Hons) Course and MBA Course. The defining features of BMU’s academic structure are:

  • Semester-based learning
  • Credit units
  • Letter grades
  • Continuous internal evaluation
  • GPA
  • 75% attendance
  • Flexibility

An academic year at BMU comprises two semesters of 16 weeks each and one summer term of 8 weeks. The university has a five day work week with 6 hours of formal class contact per day. There is a one week break in Winter at the end of the semester, and similarly, a four to eight week break in Summer at the end of the semester.


BMU provides opportunities to its students to learn at their own pace, expand their knowledge horizons, add to their skills and even pick up a dual degree.

  • Subject to sound academic performance, a student could register for more courses than the prescribed number during a semester. They could also take courses during the summer term.
  • Students will also have the choice to select from a range of electives in different subject categories to complement their core subjects.
  • Since students may wish to strengthen their understanding of a core subject or extend their learning horizons to a different subject, the curriculum offers them a wide range of ‘electives’ to choose from. For example, a computer science & engineering student could take artificial intelligence; a BBA student, capital markets; an MBA student, merger & acquisitions; and a B.Com. (Hons) student, e-commerce as an elective course.
  • B.Tech. students can opt for a dual-degree in the engineering domain by spending one extra year at the university. For example, they could pursue mechanical engineering (4 years) plus say, computer science (1 year).