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Date Activity Location Venue
7 Jan 2017 CAT /PI Guwahati GUWAHATI Hotel landmark
11-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Jaipur JAIPUR Hotel Royal Orchid
13-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Campus CAMPUS Campus
18-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Ranchi RANCHI Hotel AVN Grand
19-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Patna PATNA Hotel Astor
20-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Campus CAMPUS Campus
20-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Kolkata KOLKATA Hotel Hindusthan International
21-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Alwar ALWAR
22-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Jodhpur JODHPUR Hotel Lord’s Inn
23-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Kanpur KANPUR Hotel Royal Cliff
24-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Lucknow LUCKNOW Hotel India Awadh
25-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Varanasi VARANASI Hotel Rivatas
24-Jan 2017 CAT/PI Hyderabad HYDERABAD Hotel Golkonda International

For students attending  CAT / PI sessions, please click here for a list of documents that are required to be brought along to the session.

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