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BCom (Hons) Course Outline

The School of Commerce at BML Munjal University (BMU) is currently offering a BCom (Hons) course. The 3-year programme relies on innovative learning methodologies, relevant Indian and global business research, strong industry linkages, and collaboration with other schools at BMU to provide a unique learning experience.

The curriculum for the BCom (Hons) programme has been co-designed by Imperial College London and draws upon the core essence of humanities, sciences and the arts within the practical context of commerce, and reflects the real needs of industry.

The broad-based, industry-aligned BCom (Hons) course is structured around 7 foundation, 17 core, 3 elective, 7 skill and 6 perspective courses.

Foundation Courses

The foundation courses, is a preparatory course that will equip students with the basic knowledge and skills required for the successful completion of the programme.

Core Courses

These courses will provide students with an in-depth exposure to the fundamentals of commerce – business organization, management, auditing, entrepreneurship, cost accountancy, operations management, business law, marketing, taxation, HRM, financial and investment management.

Elective Courses

The elective courses will help BCom (Hons) students pursue interests beyond the core and develop expertise in academic areas as diverse as e-commerce, corporate restructuring, materials and inventory management, and purchase management.

Skill Courses

The skill courses will help students augment their existing capabilities and enable them to acquire new ones. Here are some examples of skill courses: writing, communicating and presenting, computer accounting, problem solving, and consulting, etiquette and conversing.

Perspective Courses

These courses will enlarge the worldview of students, and help them ‘contextualize’ and deepen their understanding of issues. Some examples of perspective courses offered under the BCom (Hons) programme are philosophy and logic, world civilizations, living literature and living arts.