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Dining facilities at BMU

Whether you are stepping outside your home for the first time or a hostel regular, you are likely to be curious about the dining options that will be available at the BMU Campus.
With students from all over India and beyond – we ensure that we are sensitive to dietary restrictions and preferences. BMU students can avail of their regular meals with a mix of North Indian and South Indian options from two messes.


Sodexo dining facilities: The current mess in Tower
A serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks. This is run by Sodexo, one of the world’s largest food services and facilities management companies.


Compass dining facilities: With the beginning of the academic session this August, we will have a second functional mess run by Compass. Internationally, they manage catering at institutions like MIT (US), University of California, Berkeley and University of Melbourne.


Café Coffee Day: The café in every college where assignments get completed, events are planned and lots more happens, BMU’s own Café Coffee Day outlet offers a variety of beverages and snacks.


Dhaba: You will find students and often faculty too at our Dhaba which offers tandoori style food.


Delicious: This multi-cuisine café has meal and snack options ranging from Indian to Chinese & Continental, and has its own bakery.


Mess Committee: Students, as part of the mess committee, are actively involved in managing the dining and catering on campus.

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