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Dr. Amarnath Bheemaraju

Dr.Amarnath.BheemrajuDr. Amarnath Bheemaraju is an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at BML University. He graduated with a Ph.D. degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA. After his doctoral research he moved on to work as a post-doctoral research associate at Wayne State University, Michigan where he undertook work on an important research area.

In his previous assignments he taught chemistry to the undergraduate students, conducted research on very important areas having direct impact on the society, and worked for industry. His broad areas of interests include science education and research of interdisciplinary nature. In teaching, his ambition is to make difficult concepts in chemistry easier to understand.

His broad research interests include organic materials with application in diverse areas, organometallic and co-ordinate chemistry, and analytical chemistry. His doctoral research studies were aimed at making solar, an alternative source of energy more efficient and cheap. This work was focused on strategies to make better solar cells using organic materials. During his post-doctoral research studies he worked on an important research area that offers ways to mitigate the problem of growing greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. As a part of this research he investigated the utility of metal complexes. During this time he was also involved in setting up new laboratory for his research group. He had the fortune of working with some of the eminent scientists during his doctoral and post-doctoral research career. He published his research work in good science journals, received teaching award, guided student’s research projects, and obtained travel grants to attend conferences.

His other interests include watching documentaries on science and technology, discussions about science, and listening to classical music.

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