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Dr. Tabish Rasheed

Tabish-RasheedDr. Tabish Rasheed is a faculty member of the Physics, School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) having more than three years of teaching experience. Prior to joining BML Munjal University, he has taught as an Assistant Professor in Sharda University, Greater Noida. He likes to interact with undergraduate students since they have new ideas and provide inspiration. Physics teaching involves a lot of skill and patience. He involves the student by providing real-life examples related to the topic. His emphasis is always to promote an understanding of the concepts by the students. He maintains a cordial and friendly atmosphere which is best for teaching and learning. It encourages the students to think and understand the topic better.

Dr. Tabish has completed his Ph.D. in Physics from Aligarh Muslim University. His research interests lie in the use of quantum chemical techniques for determination of molecular properties and their interactions with other molecules. His thesis deals with the harmonic and anharmonic vibrational spectroscopy study of biomolecules (nucleobases and their derivatives). His current interests are in nano-clusters and fullerene based nano-biosensors. He has published his research work in a number of international publications by peer-reviewed journals and has presented it in many conferences. His future research interest lies in the field of solar energy. Research in the area of prediction and development of efficient organic molecules in photovoltaic devices is minimal. Quantum-chemical calculations can predict new molecules (especially doped fullerenes) which may improve the efficiency solar cells dramatically.

He likes to play badminton and read books.

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