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Students today are facing a world that is flat, ever changing and burgeoning with opportunity, yet characterised by exponentially increasing competition. At BML Munjal University (BMU), we want to equip every student with the ability to tackle this world and its challenges by helping them develop confidence in their own skills and abilities – the kind of confidence that comes through relentlessly pursuing excellence, practicing incessantly and behaving ethically.

The key is to create an environment that will help young men and women to realise their full potential, one that is conducive to their growth and development. At BMU, we are focused on promoting and nurturing excellence and on creating well-rounded techno-managers whose competencies are benchmarked against global manpower needs. Our aim is to endow students with a deep appreciation of humanity and a questioning intellect, and to help them become responsible citizens of our global world.

We have many challenges before us as this young institution strives to move rapidly to implement its vision. We need to improve our students’ communication skills, sense of responsibility, employability and logical thinking abilities, so that they can make a seamless transition into the workplace upon graduation. We have to develop their creative acuity so that they can become effective and efficient problem solvers so that they have the confidence to tackle the unknown.


We have taken on the ambitious challenge of creating a new kind of university, and will succeed through planning, focus, imagination, hard work and perseverance. Our goal is to make BML Munjal University a preferred institution for young women and men who aspire to productive careers, and to make our students employable and industry oriented.

With my best wishes

Amitava Babi Mitra,

Dean, BML Munjal University

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