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The BML Munjal University is a culmination of the Hero Group’s long cherished vision to create a benchmark-setting and transformative higher education institution. It seeks to transform higher education in India by providing a ‘new age’ teaching-learning experience that is truly world class.

The School of Management has a tie up with Imperial College London, which is ranked fifth in the QS Ranking of 500 Universities. The partnership involves program and curriculum design as well as faculty support. In addition, the University has entered into deep and wide-ranging collaborations with leading multinational corporations to enrich and widen the student experience.

The University’s approach to education is uniquely fresh and practical. The teaching programs seek to prepare students for the real world in the most comprehensive and innovative manner possible. The curriculum has been designed to bridge gap between theory and practice, and to synchronize the classroom with the workplace. Through a rich mix of Foundation Courses, Core Courses, Elective Courses, Perspective Courses and Skill Courses, the School of Management hopes to re-energise management education in India.

At one level, the School of Management is a practice school that imparts hands-on knowledge to aspiring MBAs and managers, so that they are business-ready and industry ready. At another, it is an institution seeks to turn out socially and ethically responsible managers. Finally, the School seeks to be an agent of change. Students will soon begin collaborating with the Institute of Inclusive Innovation – the University’s research arm—and help it develop sustainability projects crucial for a better India.

At the School of Management, the idea is not just to create bright and successful managers; the aim is to develop young men and women who one day will go on to become leaders in their fields.

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Second Round of application closes on 31st March, 2015

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