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Research Centres

The School of Management at BMU is establishing a successful tradition of creating academic research centres to focus our teaching, research, and community outreach around particularly important subjects for general managers. Building on the foundational excellence of the school’s curriculum, we intend to strengthen these centres to support the following four key areas in a move that we know will distinguish us from other business schools.

  • Marketing
  • Financial Economics
  • Information Technology and Management
  • Inclusive Innovation

These Centres foster and support research, broaden the curriculum, inspire case writing, and engage our alumni and surrounding community. By building excellence in these four critical areas on top of our best-in-class foundational and disciplinary learning, we will ensure the school’s leadership position for the next generation of students and faculty.

Each research centre has partner companies that often serve as testing sites for the school’s research programmes. The output of research is shared with all partner companies. The school’s faculty has a broad research agenda that cuts across all disciplines. We are currently in the process of setting up the Centre for Intelligent Insights, Centre for Financial Research and Centre for Inclusive Innovation.

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