School of Management
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Vision and Mission


The School of Management, BML Munjal University seeks to:

  • Nurture ethical leaders who are skilled, knowledgeable and have the life skills necessary to lead their organisations to success
  • Advance and disseminate practically-oriented knowledge
  • Bring global standards and best practices in the area of management and entrepreneurship



  • To be a leading management school and to become a gateway for students from here to the world
  • To be renowned for the quality and impact of its teaching, research and linkages with major stakeholders
  • To find creative solutions for managerial and entrepreneurial problems
  • To use applied research for extending the frontiers of knowledge
  • To partner other institutions in developing best practices across multiple domains
  • To build a talented community of students and faculty who excel in teaching, learning and research, in a creative and stimulating environment
  • To develop socially and ethically responsible business leaders and entrepreneurs by providing contemporary and global knowledge
  • To produce future leaders who are committed to People, Profits & Planet
  • To engage with corporate, government and development institutions and help them apply sustainable management principles and practices

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Second Round of application closes on 31st March, 2015

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