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Orientation essay…

In a journey to learn, explore and enjoy, the 7 days orientation was something “beyond imagination” for me which is not just a tag rather a “reality”. Basically, those 7 days provided us with a platform to come out of our boxes and to experience things and occasions we never had witnessed and when we went into the experience, the feeling was “incredible”.

We were not only made to listen such motivational and life changing experiences and thoughts, rather we had an interactive session at the end of every talk. The great personalities gave us deep information of their professions and how they reached there. It was highlighted that:

If you are –
H- Hardworking
E- Eager
R- Respectful
Then you will be a real life “HERO”

We even went for a session of “Effective communication through theatre techniques”, where I got a chance to be on the bml- auditorium stage and that too for playing a role of a mother showcasing “shringar ras”. Tthe session gave an impact on how and why “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”. So, theatre was followed by cooking and that too in a professional way..

It is said that, a recipe has no soul and, you as a cook, must bring soul to the recipe. I think the recipe made by my team during” BMU Master Chef “, had soul and taste, due to which we were the top scorers; Winners!!
Cooking was followed by bank seminar. I was moved when i got to know about the kind and varieties of employees the world is looking for when i attended the Axis Bank seminar. After the brain throbbing experience, we got a platform to realize where our interest lies, and how to work on those interests and to use them in a realistic manner.

An evening program of a 2 hour Sufi gospel music recital by Sonam Kalra,was also organised that showed how music can cross all limits and can take you to a different world.

Treasure Hunt followed the music recital, where we went in a series to run, choke, pant, beg, borrow, and savour… Although, our team didn’t win, but our enjoyment, teamwork and interaction was above that level.
I played sports like- Basketball, volleyball, pool, badminton after 2 years and all that sporty fun activities were enormously wonderful…

I feel amazed and joyful, rather than being shy to share that
And when I went to my house after the orientation week,
I said to my parents,” Thank you mummy, papa for BMU”
They smiled and hugged me, and said, “What else do we want”.

– BY- Agrima soni
FROM- Bhiwadi(raj.)


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