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Placements & Internship Opportunities

BMU’s education system has been designed to transform you into a well-rounded, industry-ready individual, who is ready to hit the ground running. The result? You will have a head start in the placement race.

BMU will help you connect with potential employers by way of internships, lectures and workshops; and live projects at industry-promoted Centres of Excellence located on the campus.

The BMU’s Placement Cell (PC) will work with you to ensure that you receive the best support, advice and guidance for building your career.  The PC will help you identify your skills and strengths, refine your resumes, set up mock interviews and review your career strategies.

Further, Hero Group’s extensive cross-industry linkages could assist you in opening the door to a future career.  BMU’s campus location also could work to your advantage. Since the campus is located at the epicenter of India’s industrial, financial, IT and corporate heartland, BMU could serve as a potential catchment for future employees.  Additionally, you will get the opportunity to meet up with prospective employers through on-campus events, recruitment drives, career fairs and other networking programmes.

Internship Opportunities

BMU’s compelling vision of a practical and relevant education – one that bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace – is reflected in the stress it lays on internships and projects. In fact, structured learning opportunities at industry locations are a key component of BMU’s academic DNA.

BMU presents opportunities for all students at the School of Engineering & Technology, the School of Commerce, and the School of Management to experience industry first hand. This will not only help differentiate BMU students from graduates and postgraduates of other universities, it will also help enhance their employability prospects.

Through the programme duration, you will gain invaluable practical experience by way of the Practice School, an internship concept first popularized by MIT, USA. You will get to interact with industry leaders and be exposed to companies doing cutting edge work. During your stay at BMU, you will spend between 10 to 28 weeks, which is around 10 to 22% of your contact hours, interning with industry and gaining real world knowledge.

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