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Student Ambassadors

BMU Ambassador Programme

BMU’s Ambassadors are a select group of students who are a link between prospective students and the university.

They represent the diversity of BMU’s PG & UG Programme and its students.

Support university’s mission of bringing the best and brightest students into the programme

Are there to answer any applicant’s questions while sharing their own experiences at BMU, whether through Campus Visits or via e-mail.


Serve as contacts for ‘Life at BMU’ and also share their insights with the prospective students.

Provide campus tours, organise classroom visits/attend a lecture, host lunches and coffee meets, and organise special admissions events throughout the year.

Once a new student is offered admission, she/he gets connected with one of our Student Ambassadors. The ambassadors act as new students’ Buddies and help them get acquainted well with the university.

Previous year Ambassadors attest that they have found participating in the Programme rewarding as they got an opportunity to meet and connect with a wide range of people – industry experts and students, and build links across the Business School.

For current students

We are always looking for excellent students to join our ranks.

If you’d like to apply and join the Programme, please contact

For prospective students

If you’d like to connect with one of our Student Ambassadors to learn about BMU :

  • Classes
  • Student Life or the BMU Experience
  • Pedagogy
  • Different Programme
  • Benefits of Experiential Learning

You could email us on

If you’d like to arrange for a
Campus Visit

  • UG
  • PG


Bharadwaj Chukkala B.Tech - Mech 2016

Tushita Ghai B.TECH - CSC 2016

Shubhi Jain B.TECH - CSC 2017

Arpit Lohia BBA - KPMG 2017

Akshita Lomsh BBA - KPMG 2017

Sarthak Mittal BCOM 2017

Harsimrat S.Kohli B.TECH - CSC 2016

Agrima Soni B.TECH - CSC 2015

Snehal Singh B.TECH - CSC 2017

Sree Valli B.TECH - CSC 2015

Vedant Mehra BBA - KPMG 2016

Geethika Chandana

Shreya Jain B.TECH - CSC 2016

Suvesh B.TECH - CSC 2016

Jonnavithula Chandan B.TECH - CSC 2017

Hitesh Varma B.TECH - CSC 2016

Poorvi Dhamani B.TECH - CSC 2016

Srikar Palavarapu B.TECH - CSC 2016

Srujan Jukuri B.TECH - MECH 2015

Sumedha Bhakta B.TECH - ECE 2016


Sumi Yadav MBA - MARKETING 2017

Prateek Bhargava MBA - MARKETING 2017



Archana Priyadarsini MBA - BUSINESS ANALYTICS 2017

Jaideep Bhatia MBA - MARKETING 2017

Gouri Nikhila Ponnuru MBA - HR 2017

Ayushi Agarwal MBA - MARKETING 2017

Monali Maloo MBA - MARKETING 2017


Sudeep Kaur MBA - MARKETING 2017

Rubal Rathi MBA - MARKETING 2017

Neha Jindal MBA - MARKETING 2017

Devvrat Diwan MBA - MARKETING 2017

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