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30+ Top Career Options & Jobs after an MBA in India

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Now that you are approaching the finale of your MBA programme, you must be plagued with thoughts about what you would do after completing the MBA.

Is it jobs after MBA or higher studies again?


Well, there are loads of lucrative career paths for an MBA pass-out.  Let us check out these amazing options, and see which one suits you the best.

  1. Management Consultant
  2. Description: A management consultant’s role is to counsel businesses on management systems and find issues in the organisation which is holding back the company from attaining their objectives.

    Why you should go for it: With the changing technologies, keeping in pace with the current times is challenging, so a management consultant helps businesses with these complexities.

  3. Investment Banker
  4. Description: Investment bankers aid corporations to invest and develop their investment with the perceptive buying of debt and equity. They similarly give advice and support in financial shifts like mergers and acquisitions.

    Why you should go for it: Investment has become a very trending thing in the market so catering to the needs of business decisions totally depends on the investment banker.

  5. Venture Capitalist:
  6. Description: Today, the number of investors wanting to buy new businesses has increased. These investors depend on advice concerning the kinds of businesses to finance. The venture capitalist thus guides investors to invest accurately.

    Why should you go for this: Finance MBA qualifiers can yield enormous amounts of money by giving effective and effective advice.

  7. Lecturer or Teacher:
  8. Description: You can avail lecturer jobs at universities and colleges, particularly if you like to teach. You can similarly start having your coaching classes and educate students for entrance examinations.

    Why should you go for this: This is a proper teaching job which helps you impart education and you will find many opportunities to mentor students.

  9. ERP Consultant:
  10. Description: ERP consultant is accountable for having knowledge of the business procedures of the consumers and integrate bundled ERP software after implementing the essential customisation.

    Why should you go for it: As software keeps evolving companies have to go hand in hand to integrate them for better productivity and this where an ERP consultant is of great importance.

  11. General Manager
  12. Description: A general manager is in charge of managing the revenue as well as the cost structures of the loss or profit report.

    Why should you go for it: This job is an all-inclusive job which involves full participation in all departments of the organisation so if you are interested in multitasking this is the job for you.

  13. Healthcare Administrator
  14. Description: Being a healthcare administrator means you are accountable for the development, direction, and synchronisation of all types of medical and health services. You may have to manage a hospital, floor or department, nursing home but you need to be updated with the current and latest healthcare, technology, laws, and regulations.

    Why you should go for it: The improved healthcare technology has led to an increased growth in healthcare services.

  15. Information Systems Manager
  16. Description: Being an Information systems manager means you are in charge of the development, coordination, and guiding a range of computer actions in numerous kinds of organisations. The key role is to support and regulate the IT objectives for the business along with assuming the responsibility for every computer systems required to execute company objectives.

    Why you should go for it: Service is on the rise mainly in the region of cybersecurity, as businesses prioritize security.

  17. Operations Research Analyst
  18. Description: Operations professional is a part of every aspect of a company. They need to help managers to conclude on the most efficient way to assign limited business resources, develop efficient production agendas, efficiently handle the supply chain, and institute decent pricing structures.

    Why you should go for it: Technology is now getting cheaper and better, and worldwide competition is mounting. Operations experts are significantly required to amplify company efficiency.

  19. Business Operations Manager
  20. Description: Business operations manager utilizes their expertise on operations management and supply chain management to decide the ways in which businesses can resolve their various challenges. This, in turn, will decrease expenditures within the organization.

    Why you should go for it: managing business operations efficiently is highly needed as technology is getting better and competition is increasing.

  21. Management Analyst
  22. Description: Management analysts or management consultants for a company’s efficiencies and to lessen operations costs. They often give management guidance to aid companies to improve their ways of executing business, to maximize profits.

    Why you should go for it: The global market is highly competitive than before. Along with this, supply chains are overextended throughout the world so this gives you immense opportunity to show your skills.

  23. Market Research Analyst
  24. Description: Market research analysts examine market situations to conclude the sales frequency can be for new products or services. Their main purpose is to help businesses to understand what kinds of products the consumers require. They also offer data on the customers that might purchase the products the estimated pricing.

    Why you should go for it: The rise in the effectiveness and speed of technology is allowing companies to get access to huge quantities of data on market research. Mining and interpreting information lets businesses understand which services and products they want and customer satisfaction.

  25. Accountant
  26. Description: An accountant organizes financial records for companies and individuals. Their job is to ensure that every financial record for different business individuals are precise and tax payments being paid on time. They assess the business’s financial operations and make the most of the efficiency on the way it is executed.

    Why you should go for it: the economy is developing rapidly, and the need for accountants is rising. As businesses multiply more accountants are needed to assess tax documents and financial records.

  27. Financial Analyst
  28. Description: A financial or business analyst provides guidance to corporations and people who want to take sensible investment decisions. They also have a vital role in evaluating various investments’ performances, involving bonds and stocks.

    Why you should go for it: India is a growing economy which is offering more job openings for financial specialists. Investment is more complicated than before, so these emerging markets necessitate financial analyst.

  29. IT Director
  30. Description: An IT manager is accountable for developing and managing party or entire computer activities in an organization. These specialists decide the IT objectives of the business and take care of the execution of computer systems to attain company objectives.

    Why you should go for it: The need for IT managers is increasing quickly as enterprises are getting bigger with digital platforms. Also, company data is now being transmitted to the cloud-based services which require computer professionals’ expertise.

  31. Marketing Manager
  32. Description: The responsibility of a marketing manager is to look into the planning programmes which will augment the interest customers put in different services and products. So marketing managers need to give demand evaluations for the numerous services and products a company offer and discover new marketplaces to make new sales. You can now understand the importance of MBA in marketing for the same position.

    Why you should go for it: Marketing managers will always be in huge demand as businesses are confronting more competitive than before.

  33. HR Manager
  34. Description: HR manager is accountable for developing, guiding and coordinating every administrative role of the company. They manage the recruiting, hiring, and interviewing, and work along with senior executives different hiring plans.

    Why you should go for it: The need for HR is increasing as the Indian economy grows, and more companies are coming up, and older companies are expanding. HR professionals will be responsible for recruiting new staff and stay abreast of the new and evolving employment laws.

  35. Senior Executive
  36. Description: A senior executive plans new tactics and policies in order to guarantee that a business achieves its financial objectives. The senior most executives usually comprise of chief operating officers, operations managers, and chief executive officers.

    Why you should go for it: The worldwide economy is enormously competitive leading to a mounting need for extremely knowledgeable and skilled executives to make sure that businesses accomplish their financial objectives.

  37. Product Manager
  38. Description: The role of a product manager is often like that of the CEO for a particular product, mostly in case of medical products, pharmaceutical or technology.

    Why you should go for it: The global market is extremely competitive nowadays, so it is important for a skilled product manager to give a cutting edge to the product.

  39. Project Manager
  40. Description: Project managers are responsible for developing, employing projects, managing quality control as well as outlining the project scope. Making the project schedule, and keeping the project updated is also important.

    Why you should go for it: As more businesses are growing there will be a bigger requirement for very expert project managers.

  41. Director, Information Technology
  42. Description: An IT director is liable for the administration of every IT related services plus activities within an enterprise. The Director of IT regulates the company and is in charge of the integration of computer systems required to cater to the company aims.

    Why you should go for it: There is a mounting demand for IT professionals having technical and leadership skills to aid their corporations to increase the IT operations in the international market.

  43. Budget Analyst
  44. Description: Budget analysts support both public and private administrations to efficiently handle their finances, regularly formulating budget reports as well as checking institutional expenditure. They also create special reports, annual budget reports, and assess quarterly or yearly budget offers.

    Why you should go for it: Skilled budget analysts will always be required for successfully handling taxpayer in organizations.

  45. Finance Manager
  46. Description: A Finance Manager’s key role is to handle and develop the financial well-being of a private or public organization. They classically will yield direct investments, financial reports, create financial management tactics, and strategize for the financial status of companies in the long term.

    Why you should go for it: As the economy expands, the services of expert financial managers will stay high in demand.

  47. Operations Manager
  48. Description: An Operations Manager is accountable for the overall view of business operations that frequently comprise framing policies, maintaining operations and daily needs of the individual, and preparing on the human resources and materials to be used.

    Why should you go it: The demand for operations managers will keep growing as more operational efficiency is needed in organizations.

  49. Securities Analyst
  50. Description: Securities Analysts provide direction and assistance on security and investment to individuals and businesses. They mostly evaluate bonds related and stocks investments performance and provide complete information to clients.

    Why you should go for it: The huge variety of financial securities and products is always rising which means a great requirement for Securities Analyst in the long term.

  51. Manager of Health Information
  52. Description: Health information managers maintain the safety of patient related records and information in healthcare organizations, from nursing homes and hospitals.

    Why you should go for it: Technology is continuously progressing so progressive health care demands are also increasing. For this, information managers and healthcare executives will always be in need.

  53. Health Policies Analyst
  54. Description: Health Policies Analysts are people who survey how operative existing and new healthcare plans are. They play a key role in serving to better our healthcare structure.

    Why you should go for it: The healthcare services demands are nowadays scaling up as technology becomes more progressive.

  55. Logistics Manager
  56. Description: Logistics Managers are responsible for analyzing and coordinating the operations of the supply chain in a company. They have the expertise to perfectly manage aspects like the total product lifecycle, starting from the acquiring phase until its distribution and delivery.

    Why you should go for it: Managing the worldwide supply chain operations is very significant for businesses to increase profits.

  57. Purchasing Manager
  58. Description: Purchasing managers are in charge of development, guiding and coordinating of purchasing products and resources for businesses. They also have to supervise the functioning of buying agents and buyer.

    Why you should go for it: There is a greater requisite currently for expert managers in purchase division of the worldwide supply chain in all industries.

  59. Revenue Manager
  60. Description: A Revenue Manager supports administrations in the private and public sector to successfully consolidate finances and revenue.

    Why you should go for it: Businesses are going through pressure to improve efficiency, decrease waste and yield more profits for which they need a revenue manager.

  61. Sports Management
  62. Description: An expert in the field of sports management supports numerous kinds of sports administrations to function more competently.

    Why you should go for it: There is a greater demand for managers in every field, and sports too. These business specialists are required to manage these administrations lucratively and to raise sales.

    So now that you have all these options in front of you, choose wisely after carefully checking your executive MBA eligibility.

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