MBA In Finance – The Next Big Thing?

Today, the business environment is changing and so are the needs of an organisation concerning their workforce. A professional postgraduate degree like an MBA puts a student ahead of their peers by paving a path that kickstarts their career. We at BML Munjal University offer MBA courses across various specializations in collaboration with industry giants which helps our students lead their respective professional fronts. Acquiring an MBA degree provides students with extensive knowledge of business processes, operations, logistics, organizational behaviour, analytical and entrepreneurial skills.

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is one of the most sought-after post-graduate courses around the world and one of the oldest disciplines of management courses. Being a coveted specialization, it opens the gates to the world of finance in the most comprehensive way. However, MBA in Finance is not just banking like most students think, but instead, it is a highly diverse field that involves management, control and review of investment and resources.

Here’s why MBA in Finance is the next big thing and why you must consider it!

Career Opportunities

MBA in finance will let students have an open-ended career where they can look beyond just financial institutions for a job. With such a degree, students can work across various industries, corporate management, international finance, investment banking and more. Most banks, brokerage firms, credit unions and insurance companies look for students with a specialization in finance to fill such job roles. An MBA in Finance will open these doors and allow students to choose the industry of their choice.

Better Credentials

Students who pursue MBA in Finance have better credentials as this field is less concentrated and is among the more difficult courses. When a student is going through the placement process, their MBA in Finance degree will undoubtedly impress the prospective employer. It is not like the other MBA degrees do not, but MBA in finance stands out from the crowd.

Practical Experience

All students pursuing an MBA degree, whether financial or other specializations will have to undergo a period of internship. An MBA in finance will allow students to gain experience with some of the top industry giants. These internships will prepare aspiring financial analysts and provide them with prerequisite industrial experience. We at BML Munjal University provide students with opportunities to intern and work at prominent financial and accounting firms like Axis Bank, KPMG, E&Y, PwC, Deloitte and more. Students gain credible insights into the financial workings of an organisation which helps streamline their career.

Professional and Personal Growth

Hard work often leads to great success, and it is true for time immemorial. A student pursuing an MBA in finance must have excellent analytical and mathematical skills. To get through the course, these skills will be stressed and honed accordingly and prepare one professionally. However, along with professional skills, a student will also acquire management skills, people skills, and various other soft skills that work parallelly to help bring the best out of their careers.

The Big Picture

Students pursue MBA because it is a lucrative career option that instils skills for life in them. An MBA program turns students into professionals who can plan and execute a strategy for the business. In the long run, an MBA program is highly beneficial and provides students with a larger than life perspective. The best minds in the industry today have an MBA degree, and if someone is serious about managing an organization, team, or processes, then MBA is highly essential.

MBA in finance is a unique career option for students who have exceptional analytical skills and are passionate about numbers. It offers a wide array of excellent career options with various fields to choose. In addition to a flexible career option, an MBA in finance also pays well and at par with the industry standards. There is a never-ending scope when it comes to financing because after all, it is the backbone of the world economy and everything that contributes.





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