Self Confidence – The Ultimate Key to Success

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation” – Arthur Ashe

Trust in yourself, work hard, and you can achieve all your goals. This is what most of the leaders believe and strive for. However, self-confidence is not some that can be gained in one night. It needs an amalgamation of faith, perseverance and practice welded together over the time.

The seeds of self-confidence should be sown in the early years of a person when he/she is still in the academic period. The strengthening of self-confidence will boost when the individual is groomed properly through guidance and learning. For instance, a person who applies for an MBA admission process in our School of Business certainly has a wish to empower the self-confidence for further success in life.  And keeping in mind our extensive curriculum and focused grooming, it becomes quite an effective learning period.


Perfection is not an inherent quality, it can be learned and mastered over the time, and it is one of the things that boost a person’s self-confidence effectively.

Here are some of the strategic ways one can boost self-confidence in the personality and accomplish new feats of success:

  • The Positive Outlook

The first thing to achieve is a positive outlook towards life. Building negativities in mind lead to low self-esteem, and the confidence level of the students go down the graph. Hence, they should rather try to get the best out of every situation or try to solve the troubles with solutions that take them to positivity while boosting their self-confidence.

  •  Self-Retrospection

A worried mind will not lead to a confident self. Therefore, it is important that one first invest time in understanding their own ambitions and desires to finally strive hard to achieve them. A better knowledge of one’s strengths weakness is also a part of self-retrospection which makes them realize the kind of person they are what should they do now in order to lay a solid foundation for a better future.

  •  Preparation for Future

After identifying the future goals, students should focus on the ways they can achieve it. For this, they can always go for professional courses such as an MBA and take the first step towards the art of stretching their self-confidence. The individuals just need to prepare a bit for clearing the MBA admission process and get a chance to learn with leaders.

  •  Learning Through Actions

One of the best ways to build self-confidence is to act and learn from the practical experiences. If students do not take part in various activities or take risks to bring new ideas on fore, they will end up doing nothing, and this will directly affect their abilities. Doing nothing will bring nothing, but it will certainly make the person suspect their abilities and decrease the self-confidence.

  •  No Fear of Failure

Another thing that is important apart from taking the actions is to stop fearing from the failures of any decision or the action taken. It demotivates the person who automatically affects self-confidence. Students must remember that failure is a part of success and it will only turn into success if they strive again without any fear.

The above-listed ways prove to be of great help if followed diligently. Here at School of Business (SOB), UPES, we equip young minds through Personality Enhancement and matchless pedagogy that gives them an extra edge for the futuristic aspirations. With our exceptional faculty and international academic collaboration, we not only teach students the working of the corporate world but also provide them global exposure to help them carve a niche for themselves.

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